How the Segway PT Works

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is a unique self-balancing, electric-powered transportation device. Using gyroscopes and tilt sensors, the Segway PT is able to emulate human balance. Lean forward, and you move forward. Lean back, and you move back. Straighten up, and you stop.  As much as it feels like magic, it’s really all about the advanced technology outlined below.
Dynamic Stabilization

That's fancy speak for the technology that enables balancing. It's proprietary and delivers incredible maneuverability (true zero turning radius), a small footprint, and a fantastically unique riding experience.

Electric Propulsion

In addition to being clean and extremely efficient, electric propulsion enables fine adjustments to be made to each wheel (for accurate turning and a smooth ride), and a precise, software-based approach to traction control and braking.

Smart Battery Management

Segway was at the forefront of the development of Lithium Ion batteries for transportation and has learned a lot about the advanced sensing required for more efficient energy use that leads to longer battery life.

Advanced Sensing

You may feel as though the Segway PT can read your mind. It's not magic. It's the combination of propulsion, energy, inertial sensing, and a straightforward user interface that enables a ride that will force you to hold back a smile.


Mechanical controls are so yesterday. We're all about using the latest in sensory technology to enable safe control through redundant systems that provide input for acceleration, braking, steering, and other functions.

Simple User Interfaces

Segway's approach to user control is that of minimalism. We want to encourage a natural connection between rider and machine. Our innovative sensing technologies allow us to look beyond traditional controls and deliver something better.

Digital Dashboard

Get all the information you need about system operation through connected devices. Speed, battery life, and other connectivity information are all conveyed over a secure wireless connection to a handheld device that can be mounted on the dash.

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